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Color(s) Shown: sunflower stripe only

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Label: dairi
Measurements*: (more info)
Bust: 54"
Sleeve Width: 23"
Length: 53-55"
Hips: 84"
Hem Circumference: 200"

* The nature of these handmade garments is that measurements can vary several inches in width or length.

Fabric: genuine moroccan cotton susti (more info)
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This gorgeous two-layered dress is in true ethnic style, evoking traditional North African, Middle East, and Mediterranean garments—it's part gandourah, part thobe, part caftan, part djellaba—even part burnouse!—designed for goddesses of every culture with the swing of a belly dancer and the elegance of evening wear!And the details are fantastic: this style, the JADIDA, has 12"-deep side pockets, MILES of flowy fabric, 7" hand twisted and knotted fringe... and the whole thing drapes and flutters like a gypsy dream on so many shapes and sizes!

Just how do you make your own magic with it? There is a sensational SECOND LAYER that can be styled in a gazillion different ways! We've discovered quite a few already (see photos)... You can toss one side or the other of the top layer over either shoulder, or both (there are buttons and loops to secure it); attach the bottom corner on one side to the shoulder of the other; you can flip the back over your head and/or shoulders like a burnoose or ruana; or slip some of the under layer through the 13" open slits on the sides of the top layer; and adding your favorite brooch can add even more variations... Hmmm, how many ways did I say this could be worn? The possibilities seem as endless as the 200" hemline... or as your own creativity!

Oh, it's hard to explain but you'll see when you slip this beauty on! And the handmade quality of this breathable organic fabric is superior, rich, and luxurious. So you can save this dress to wear for special events—it's perfectly elegant with the right accessories—but it's so scrumptious, you'll find ways to dress it down to wear more often! It's fantastic with tribal jewelry—wood, bone, chunky stones—and the array of OMIGOD-gorgeous colors will easily blend into your already fabulous susti wardrobe. I often say it, but this will absolutely make you feel like you're in a Moroccan bazaar, Middle-Earth, or in your wildest gypsy dreams!

Let your inner goddess frolic every day... why not?!


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