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Color(s) Shown: dune combo

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Label: dairi
Measurements*: (more info)
Bust: open (@52")
Length: @33-37"
Bottom Width: @100"

* The nature of these handmade garments is that measurements can vary several inches in width or length.

Fabric: genuine moroccan cotton susti (more info)
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The one word we could utter when we saw this was SPECTACULAR, and we still find ourselves saying it each time we see it!

This style is truly trans-global -- those who appreciate cultural traditions in folkwear will recognize influences from Japan to southeast Asia, the Bosphorus to the Levant with a hint of Andes as well, creating a fresh and exciting modern you can wear every day! It's both elegant AND casual, and fabulously unique. Like we said: SPECTACULAR!

While a total knock-out from any angle or distance, the beauty is in the details. It features long sleeves with contrasting cuff bands and two patch pockets. The shape itself is heavenly, cut straight-ish towards the hip then flaring wildly to drape dreamily down the sides, accentuated by long slits. The hemline of the two front panels end in extra-long points -- a style we already know is flattering on so many figures!

And there's more (of course)... around the back there are more charming treats! Besides the lovely figure-flattering lines of the piecework, there's a center slit with its own looped button at the top, and a straight hemline, quite different than the front.

A decidedly contemporary look without diminishing its ethnic past. Once again: spectacular!

Express yourself every day....

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