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Over the years our LAYAWAY option has become increasingly popular with a greater number of customers -- we still want things, want to look good and feel good no matter the times.

And we make it as easy as possible for you. Basically it's 25% down and YOU create a payment schedule that suits YOUR needs.

How it works:
Decide what your full order to be held will be and either call debi or compose an email -- be sure to state LAYAWAY in the subject -- in this format for clarity:

2 Nizul tops: BLACK, TANGIER
1 Marrakech pants: CHARCOAL
1 al-Rachida jacket: MAROC
1 Nador-PLUS dress: MAROC

Be sure to include what your payment schedule will be.

"$50 every two weeks"
"Three payments of $150 on the 10th of each month beginning in October"

Next, we will calculate the total and send an invoice (via PayPal or email if paying by credit card over the phone) for the 25% down payment, confirming the order.

As we add NO FEES for this service, we expect you to make your payments in a timely manner without prompting from us. You'll simply go to PayPal and choose their "Send Money" tab at the top (or again, give us a call if using your credit card).

You are of course welcome to call and discuss details at any time, and make changes as necessary to your schedule. Situations change, we know well.

Once the total is achieved we'll ship your yummies.

THAT'S IT. Simple, like we said.

Be the first to receive dye schedule updates, new style announcements, special promotions and more!

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