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Beneficent Goddess Carved Jade Tibetan Necklace
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Name: beneficence (quan yin)

Pendant: antique carved calcified jade

antique nepalese inlaid naga shells
decorated bali sterling silver
tibetan copal amber

bali sterling toggle

20.5" (+ pendant)

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Kwan Yin (sometimes transliterated as Quan Jin) -- which means "observing the cries of the world" -- is the Chinese Bodhisattva of compassion. She is the personification of kindness and mercy, the Mother Goddess and patron of travelers.

She is generally seen as a source of unconditional love. In her bodhisattva vows, Kwan Yin promises to answer the cries and pleas of all beings -- people and animals alike -- and to liberate them from their own karmic woes. Therefore, this Mother of the World is a champion of animal lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

She has also been a symbol for equality, said to be the first female to achieve Enlightenment.

The knots above the goddess take the shape of a pine tree, sacred to Buddhists for their strength and longevity.

antique 18th-century carved Quan Yin amulet in calcified jade; rare antique naga shells inlaid with genuine turquoise, coral and vermeil 'ohms' from Nepal; large copal* amber drums and barrels from Tibet; highly decorated Bali sterling rounds; traditional silk 'turban' knots tied in South Korea

[*copal is 'young amber', meaning it is thousands to tens of thousands of years old; fossil amber is hundreds of thousands to millions of years old.]

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