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One-of-a-kind pieces created by Zarabesque owner/designer debi lee mandel

asian elementals

sterling silver shard pendant pearl bead necklace
royal garden SALE
carved jade bi rock crystal necklace
carpe diem
extremely rare antique silver chinese scroll bead necklace
year of the horse
carved frog & fossil amber beaded necklace
amber frog
carved jade dragon bi carnelian necklace
bamboo dragon

afghan antiquity

golden dragon

tiger cat ojime


parrot wing & turquoise tibet silver necklace
baja california
big bead dragon skin turquoise necklace
turquoise dragon #1 SALE
big bead dragonskin turquoise necklace with tibetan beads
turquoise dragon #2 SALE
large ethnic coral turquoise brass neckpiece
antique nepal #1 SALE
large ethnic turquoise coral silver neckpiece
antique nepal #2 SALE

vintage tibet #1 SALE
antique venetian trade beads and afghanlapis necklace
hindu goddess turquoise carved necklace
earned wisdom SALE
beneficent goddess carved jade tibetan necklace
beneficence (quan yin)
colorful yemeni & tibetan silver necklace
tribal peacock
moroccan nomadic enameled tribal silver necklace
moroccan royale
colorful yemeni silver necklace
global color

rare earth

exquisite rare purple phosphosiderite beads, ocean jasper pendant
violet splash SALE
ruby malachite onyx pearl pendant beaded necklace
storyteller SALE
aquamarine carved heart blue pearl beaded necklace
true blue (aquamarine heart)
banded argentine rhodochrosite and pearl necklace
inca rose SALE
unique triangular malachite pendant beaded necklace
malachite abstract SALE
sterling silver larimar rose pendant chalcedony necklace
caribbean blue
caribbean blue larimar focal pearl necklace
oceans apart (larimar)
rare aquamarine in quartz white jade necklace


turquoise sky dragon skin biwa pearl silver pendant beaded necklace
turquoise sky
bold fire agate tibetan silver necklace
fire agate SALE
turquoise coral biwa pearl silver pendant beaded necklace
new world SALE
shiva's eye beaded necklace
shiva's golden eye
ethnic yemeni coral silver onyx beaded necklace

earth tempo

romantic red creek jasper carved heart pearl necklace
vivid love SALE
watermelon jade big bead choker necklace
autumn fruit SALE
southern lights scenic intarsia pendant onyx necklace
aurora australis mookaite
rare forest abstract red creek jasper intarsia pendant necklace
forest abstract SALE
green canyon opal intarsia inlay pendant necklace
whitewater: green canyon opal SALE
carved butterfly asymmetrical jasper necklace
bear river butterfly SALE
rare oregon morrisonite pendant pearl necklace
rare brecciated oregon morrisonite SALE
rainforest rhyolite and jade beaded necklace
snowmelt SALE
rare vintage stock vivid rosetta lace agate necklace
rosetta stone SALE
vintage alpine fluorite carved melon necklace set
liquid stone (w/earrings)

past perfect

ancient oceans tranquil ammonite and fossil coral necklace
ancient oceans SALE
ancient fossilized coral and natural pearl necklace
sea treasures SALE
moroccan orthoceras fossil beaded necklace
moroccan fossil stone SALE
opalized ammonite and fossil coral necklace

present tense

contemporary asymmetrical lavender pearl necklace
lavender moon

terra firma

wild cat jasper earthy stone pendant beaded necklace
wild cat leopard jasper
crystalline needle agate drop petal choker necklace
earth flower SALE
scenic landscape paintbrush jasper pendant beaded necklace
manzanita landscape SALE
mysterious picasso jasper landscape pendant beaded necklace
into the woods SALE
Sold Items
parrot wing chrysocolla tibet silver necklace
true north SOLD
madagascar map jasper big bead choker necklace
thunder clouds SOLD!
spiderweb imperial jasper big bead choker necklace
the planets SOLD
brilliant old stock afghan lapis lazuli focal necklace
starry night lapis SOLD
sterling silver shard pendant jade bead necklace
spring garden SOLD
delicate chrysocolla silver necklace
silver sea SOLD!
silver moon sterling silver carved bone pearl necklace
silver moon SOLD
shiva's eye pendant onyx beaded necklace
shiva's vision SOLD!
shining earth goddess tiger eye kwan quan yin sterling pendant beaded necklace
shining earth quan yin SOLD
soft pastel ocean view polychromatic jasper pendant peacock pearl necklace
pastel seascape SOLD
delicate aquamarine silver necklace
ohm SOLD
ruby in fuchsite carved frog necklace
lily pond SOLD
vintage carved pouch netsuke ocean jasper necklace
japanese treasure pouch netsuke SOLD
captured quartz and snowy jade necklace
frozen in time SOLD
rare vintage stock rosetta agate pendant beads necklace
fire & ice SOLD!
ammonite fossil three-stone pendant coral necklace
dreamtime SOLD
chinese chrysanthemum stone and onyx beaded necklace
chrysanthemum stone SOLD
genuine red coral happy buddha necklace
buddha's smile SOLD
old stock sleeping beauty turquoise & vintage minakari
an american in delhi SOLD
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